Special Reports

Index of the Public Case, April 2010

           While writing about the mysterious disappearance of Ray Gricar, I’ve occasionally used the term “the public case.”  The term refers to how the case has been presented in the public and what the public reaction has been.  I recently chronicled my own reactions to it in the first 18 months prior to Mr. Gricar’s disappearance. 

Today I want to give you an index of this, a review of public reaction.  I would encourage you to look at it with the chronological series on the investigation: 

In many cases, information was withheld, often with justification.  Sometimes, that justification is questionable.   I want you, however, to look at what has come out and public reaction to it.

The Public Case, Part One , The Public Case, Part Two

A look at how the withholding of some information in the first weeks of the investigation helped shape, positively, the public perception of Mr. Gricar’s disappearance.

The Media Coverage

A look at the amount of the media coverage.

Public Interest

A look at the public interest in the Gricar case.

Media Bias?

A look at claims of media bias in regard to theories in the Gricar case.

The “Cad” Factor

A look at the public reaction to supposition that Mr. Gricar disappearance was a voluntary departure.

I did a series on what I call the “unsung heros” of the Gricar investigation, those people not actively involved in the investigation but have helped keep the case in the public eye.

Unsung Heroes Part 1: The Staff of the Centre Daily Times


A look at the excellent job done covering the case by the CDT.


Unsung Heroes Part 2: Ted McKnight and Bob Buehner


These are two of Mr. Gricar’s colleagues that really stepped up to jump start the investigation.


Unsung Heroes Part 3: The Chattering Class


These are the people that ask questions and look at theories on message boards and blogs.  They have contributed to this case.

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