Special Reports

Speaking of Data Transfers

In my last entry I wrote about checking the desktop of the missing Centre County District Attoney Ray Gricar to see if he transferred files in preparation of changing computers.

Today, I'm the one transferring files.

My computer developed a software problem and I cannot open any Word files on it.  I write the blogs in Word and paste them here.  I have a great blog, but I cannot open it on my computer.  I can on another, but it isn't attached to the Internet.  I'm going to take a few days off to rehook everything up to the new computer.

I transferred all my files, and I was surprised at the ease of that.  It was a simple matter of plugging a flash drive into the computer and them "right clicking" a link.  If Mr. Gricar had the ability to copy a file and hook a digital camera into his computer, he could have transferred the data.

While this is annoying, I must admit to enjoying the irony.