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Common Characteristics

My disk has not arrived yet, but I thought I try a short entry

while waiting.  What do these three places have in common, Lewisburg, Wilkes-Barre, and Southfield, Michigan have in common?

If you answered "They were all places the missing former Centre County Ray Gricar was seen, after he disappeared," you are right.  There is more.

These are the sightings that the police have called "credible."  There were many other sighting, even one in Lewisburg on 4/16/05, that the police have ruled.  Do you possibly remember the ones that had Mr. Gricar in Texas or in the audience of the Oprah Winfrey Show?  Those were ruled out.  These three, Lewisburg on 4/15-4/18, Wilkes-Barre on 4/18, and Southfield on 5/27/05, nearly seven weeks later, are considered "credible."

The had one other factor in common.  All were within 10 miles of an interstate highway or a connecting expressway.

The furthest was Lewisburg to I-80, just over eight miles.  In Wilkes-Barre, he was seen in a bar/restaurant on Highland Park Avenue, which parallels I-80.  Any spot on Highland Park Avenue is less than a one mile from I-81.

Such a precise location ws never released for Southfield, MI, but Southfield is not geographically large (though is a major city by Central Pennsylvania standards).  Running through Southfield is I-696; the Lodge Freeway, a major transportation route, meets it there. 

The witness saw Mr. Gricar in a restaurant, eating a meal.  Many, if not most, restaurants in Southfield, appear to be Chinese takeout places; where you can't sit and eat.  Looking at those where you can sit down and have a meal, non are more than two and a half miles from an exit on one of those two highways.  The furthest point you get from a freeway and still be in Southfield is less than nine miles. Far less; the furthest point in Southfield away from an Interstate or connecting freeway is about four miles.

So far as I know, this proximity has never been addressed.