Special Reports

Humor in the Gricar Case

There is some humor regarding the disappearance of Ray Gricar.  We saw some this week in this news story.  An inebriated woman call up 911 several times to report both Mr. Gricar and former Teamsters Union President James “Jimmy” Hoffa missing.1  Yes, she was arrested.

            A commenter on the story, “SleevelessHooftie,” got the funniest line on the article, with the line, “Well, they ARE missing.”  That particular commentator has a habit of giving some good lines on some of the more bizarre situations facing law enforcement in Centre County.  I rather enjoy that

            There is some humor in the Gricar case; some folks do make with witticisms.  I’ve seen some tongue in cheek references to alien abduction, time travel, on a beach with Elvis, and heard a joke about Mr. Gricar being chained up in an admirer’s basement.  Once commenter on a news article said, “But there's always the chance of getting kidnapped by aliens (unless you can think up a better idea for Gricar)”.2 James Renner, an Ohio independent journalist who wrote the 2005 article on the Gricar case, noted the connection to the time travel novel 20/20 Vision said, “Personally, I’ve always felt he started a new life somewhere (or…somewhen? whua ha ha!).”3  Well, I assume he’s joking.  You never can tell with him.

Yes, I laughed at all of these.  I think they are funny when they are not overdone.

            I had originally planned to call my blog on the change in administration in the District Attorney's Office, “Episode IV: A New Hope.”  I decide not to depict the incumbent District Attorney, Stacy Parks Miller, as Princess Leia.  Even for me, “Darth Madeira” would be a bit heavy handed. I had one for April First, but the announcement of the new review board, knocked it out.  It had some serious points, so you might see it in modified form.

            I generally, however, I try to limit my jokes, though I’ve made a few.  The reason is, we could be talking about the death of Mr. Gricar.  I still give foul play a 41% chance, and an 8% chance of suicide.  Much of that 1% also would include the death of Mr. Gricar.  I think that is a little high to joke about at this point.  So I try to hold back on the humor a bit, for now.