Special Reports

Computer Problems Again

            Yes, it happened again.  I’ve had a software problem that is going to require me to reload operating system.  I’m currently backing up data.  I’ll probably be off-line for a while.  Yes, I transferred computers about four months ago.  No, that didn’t help.

            I have been, in the ongoing saga of “J. J.’s Computer Woes,” trying to destroy my old computer’s hard drive.  I found that it was quite difficult.  I tried prying it open, with little effect.  I tried running a large nail through it.  I did pierce the case, but I only scratched the disk; the nail, a large “16 penny” nail bent.  I tried smashing it with a hammer and dropping it repeatedly on a cement floor without success.

            Even though I had the computer sitting in a damp basement for two months, no rust formed.  I have the drive sitting in a bucket of water with gritty dirt.  I’ve added a liberal amount of salt.  There might be some rust forming on the outer case.

            In short, it would have been next to impossible to destroy the drive in the field.  This question has come up several times, but had anyone, including the missing former Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar, wanted to destroy the drive, tossing it into the river would be the best way.

            I hope to be fully operational by the end of the month.

[This entry replaces an earlier one typed hurriedly]