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Website Up, Sort of

            Almost six months ago, on the fifth anniversary of the disappearance of Centre County’s former district attorney, Ray Gricar I removed a hyperlink to the raygricar.com site.  The reason I did that is because the site had not appeared for nearly five months.

            The site had been maintained by family spokesman Tony Gricar, until sometime in late November 2009.1  It went down leaving as error message, but sometime after the fifth anniversary, the lease on the site expired.

            A site on Ray Gricar has appeared at the same address in recent weeks.2  There is no indication it is maintained by the family.  There is no email address associated with it; I e-mailed family spokesman Tony Gricar several days ago, and have not heard back from him.  It is the current content, as of 9:00 AM this morning, that is the most interesting.

            The page appears to be copied page for Mr. Gricar on Wikipedia, even down to the photograph.3  The only thing missing are the hyperlinks to other pages.  Interestingly, the Wikipedia site maintains a hyperlink, not only to the Centre Daily Times site, but to the FBI flyer on Mr. Gricar.  I’m surprise this wasn’t used; you can find a hyperlink to the flyer on the right.

            I would hope that Tony Gricar, or some other family member, would have maintained the site, and returned it to prior condition.  I thought it was very helpful in keeping the case in the public eye.  I’m a bit reluctant to hyperlink to this one, that could be maintained by someone other than the family.

            One comment in the Wikipedia site, and reproduced, is interesting.  It says:

He researched, for example, "water damage to a notebook computer" and "how to wreck a hard drive"; this new evidence seems to suggest that foul play was unlikely. More likely, he walked away or committed suicide.

            I’m not surprised that comment appears on Wikipedia, but it would be totally unexpected on the site run by the family.

End Notes

1   A more detailed account is here:  The Great Retreat, Part 2

2   http://www.raygricar.com/

3 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ray_Gricar



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