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Triple Witching Fortnight

            In the investment markets, there is a term called “triple witching hour.”  It is when three (though now actually four) types of security contracts expire.  It tends to drive up volatility in the markets.  It occurs four times per year, and marks the quarterly anniversary of these contracts.

            In looking at the case of the mysterious disappearance of former Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar, we have a triple witching fortnight.  It is a roughly two week period In this case, that include the anniversary of three things.  They are not all related to the disappearance.

1.     As noted in my prior blog, we have the six month anniversary of the

formation of the review panel.  This was on September 30/October 1.

            2.  Coming up on October 9, we have the anniversary of Mr. Gricar’s birth.  It is Mr. Gricar’s 65th birthday.  That is an import day in the life of Mr. Gricar, though not in the investigation.

            3.  On October 15, it will be the five and a half year anniversary of the Mr. Gricar’s disappearance.

            This blog is primarily about number three, there is a major section on the investigation2 for number two.  Anniversaries have a retrospective element, obviously.  I have discussed Mr. Gricar’s background3 and career, noting his exemplary record as district attorney.4  Go back and look at them; if you want a reason why we should care about what happened to Mr. Gricar, even if we never heard of him prior to the disappearance.


While I have a busy month (I have a live outside of the Gricar case), I want to look at the retrospective.  My computer/phone problems have returned, further complicating things.  It is important to look at the course of the Gricar case, and see where we have been.  It might tell us where we are going. 

End Notes

1 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triple_witching_hour

2 Index of the Investigation, April 2010

3 Ray Gricar, Curriculum Vita

4 The Legacy of District Attorney Ray Gricar


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