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Anniversary of a Murder

            If there is one case in Centre County that has been a bigger mystery than the disappearance of its former district attorney Ray Gricar, it the 1969 murder of Betsy Aardsma in the stacks of Pattee Library.  The murder of Ms. Aardsma occurred 41 one years ago today.

            As noted in a blog a few weeks ago1, the case is not cold.  A writer and a webmaster, Sascha Skucek and Derrick Sherwood, respectively, have unearthed new information, through research.  They focused on Dr. Richard Haefner, then a geology graduate student.

            In keeping with the previous entry, Mr. Skucek and Mr. Sherwood deserve our thanks.  They may be helping to solve murder of Ms. Aardsma.  They have also done something else.  They have shown how members of the public can contribute to the solution of the case.  They have also shown that it is never too late; what they discovered, they discovered four decades after the fact.  Looking at this from the perspective of the Gricar case, that is encouraging.  I know that this year, I found out new things about the Gricar case, and hope more information will be released or discovered.  The work of Mr. Skucek and Mr. Sherwood is certainly inspiring.  Thank you!

            If you think you might have more information on the murder of Ms. Aaardsma (or presumably on Dr. Haefner as it relates to the case), contact:

Trooper Leigh Barrows, Pennsylvania State Police


E-mail:  lbarrows@state.pa.us

Or the “Who Killed Betsy Aardsma?” web site at http://whokilledbetsy.org/  :

E-mail:  info@whokilledbetsy.org

And remember to thank them for keeping with the case.


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1 http://tiny.cc/NeverTooLate