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Foul Play Weekend

            The four blog entries posted this weekend had been previously posted; they had been lost in the transition to the new format.  They all deal with one possibility and that possibility is this:  The disappearance of former Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar is due to him being the victim of foul play.

            These four particular possibilities are fairly low.  I seriously doubt if Mr. Gricar was an extortionist or being blackmailed, for example.  Those people that that have raised this possibility seem to think that everyone in government is automatically corrupt; that is not my experience and I’ve seen no evidence or even a hint that Mr. Gricar was corrupt.

            While these four are low, there are two that are much higher:

“A Short Walk to Murder”


“A Meeting for Murder”


If you look at them, I think you will agree with me these are much more likely.

            All of these possibilities are the reason I still do this blog.  I give them, collectively, a 40% likelihood of explaining the reason for Mr. Gricar’s disappearance.  That is just too high to ignore.  Based on everything I know regarding the case, nothing lowers that number. 

            If Mr. Gricar’s disappeared because he left voluntarily, I would respect his wishes and frankly admire the brilliance it took to carry it out.  I’d note that he did not make it look like anything else and did not steal anything either.  He would have made a free-will choice to vanish, and while I might not have done it myself, I would respect his right to do it.

            If Mr. Gricar disappeared because he committed suicide, I might not respect his decision, but I would understand that he made a free-will decision to do it.  In either of these cases would that continued public scrutiny, at least on my part.

            It is that 40% chance, my odds, that really that his actions were not of his own free-will that troubles me.


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