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Gricar hard drive yields no clues

A Minnesota firm analyzing what is believed to be the badly damaged hard drive to former Centre County District Attorney Ray Gricar's computer has found nothing on it, Gricar's successor said Monday.

Gricar vanished April 15, 2005, and hasn’t been heard from since taking a drive through Brush Valley.

What is believed to be his computer hard drive was found in the Susquehanna River six months after he disappeared, separated from the computer. District Attorney Michael Madeira, recently said he spent thousands of dollars to send the hard drive to be evaluated by Kroll Ontrack, a company that was able to recover data from hard drives on board Space Shuttle Columbia, which disintegrated during re-entry in 2003.

“I can confirm that Kroll Ontrack was unable to retrieve anything from the hard drive,” Madeira said Monday. He said he’s waiting for a full report from Kroll Ontrack, and when he receives it he will make an “official announcement” and will be able to answer more detailed questions about precisely what the firm analyzed.

Previous analysis by an FBI lab in Philadelphia and one in California didn’t yield any information either, and investigators had hoped this analysis would be able to give them clues as to what happened to Gricar, since leads have been dwindling.

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