System needs reform

This recently concluded “campaign season” began 600 days ago. In other countries, campaigns do not last for years, they last for weeks.

This all takes its toll. A record 80 million Americans watched the first presidential debate — 240 million didn’t. In 2014, only 19 percent of eligible voters actually voted. Less than a third of registered voters actually voted. In the 2012 presidential election, roughly 125 million Americans voted — “a record turn-out.”

While this historic election didn't bring the U.S. its first female president, there were some other firsts. Explore the results, reaction and history of Election Day 2016.

Much is made of the subject of voter suppression. Our current mind-numbing campaign system is voter suppression. After 20 months of this stuff most people are numb — “just sick of it and want it to end.” How many times have you heard that? — or, “I don’t care who wins, I just want it over.”

This system must be reformed. Someone stop this madness.

It is said that anything can be taken too far, and it has been. As bad as this campaign season was, it won’t be long before it begins all over again.

The limits of our campaign system have been tested and they are failing. This system must change or collapse, degenerating into nonsense.

A viable democracy cannot exist when a majority choose none of the above or do not vote at all. Our current campaign system guarantees this.

The only solace I find personally? I am old and will not have to live through many more of these “campaign seasons” again.

Joe Mogus, Pleasant Gap