We ‘did good’ with response to storm

After the devastating storm on May 1 and 2, there has been such an overwhelming gathering of helping hands in our Penns and Brush Valleys. To all of the West Penn Power employers who worked tremendously long, hard and dangerous hours bringing back our electricity, we applaud and appreciate you beyond words. You were and still are incredible!

Rebersburg was hit hard by an EF1 tornado, but the little community came together as they always do when there is an emergency. Chief Eric Miller and the Rebersburg Fire Company worked tirelessly and deserve many endless thanks for the long, hard hours they put in to help their neighbors gain some semblance of order after the devastation.

Burkholder’s Country Market, just outside of Millheim, was a saving grace since they put their huge auxiliary power generator online to keep the store open. Ironically, the generator was purchased in 2013 but delivered the morning of May 2 — exactly four years to the exact day that it was desperately needed for all of us! It was the only place where ice could be obtained to keep perishables safe.

A huge thank you to Les, Russ and dad Jesse (retired but came in to help) Burkholder and to every employee or helper who toiled long hours to provide warm food, coffee, necessities and a place to gather. Those folks in back in the food department were tired but still smiled! The store became our center and I am not sure what we would have done without everyone there.

Millheim , Spring Mills, Centre Hall, Madisonburg, Aaronsburg and township employees all did everything they could, especially clearing downed trees and limbs. Bless you all.

It is in times such as these that we especially realize the heartfelt kindnesses of our friends and neighbors. We are fortunate to live in the close-knit wonderful valleys of Penns and Brush.

Thanks to everyone. Yes, it was bad but we “did good”!

Pat Wolfe lives in Millheim.