Our View | Study alumni candidates for Penn State board of trustees, then vote for vision

The ballot is set for Penn State alumni voting for three seats this year on the university’s board of trustees.

Now comes the fun, as candidates pitch their visions for the university and outside groups and individuals weigh in on the process.

Those elected to the board, whether they are incumbents or newcomers, will be involved in a key period for Penn State. The next university president will be selected, board structural changes will be considered, and Penn State will continue to evolve in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal.

Many, including some members of the board, have voiced opposition to the Freeh report on Penn State’s role in the scandal, and the NCAA sanctions that followed.

The level of discontent has not been diminished since last year’s trustees elections.

Each of the 39 alumni candidates secured the required 50 nominations and will be campaigning to join Penn State’s governing board.

Voting begins April 10.

We urge Penn State graduates to consider all of the candidates, to study their views and backgrounds, and vote for those who show the most promise for helping lead Penn State into the future.

Of course, given all that has transpired, the best course for Penn State will mean different things to different alumni voters.

The 2012 alumni election was the first after the Sandusky scandal broke, and the first after the firing and death of head football coach Joe Paterno.

More than 37,500 votes were cast in that election.

Since then, new moments have included Sandusky’s conviction, the release of the Freeh report, the removal of the Paterno statue at Beaver Stadium, the NCAA sanctions against the university and the recent release of the Paterno family’s counterpoints to the Freeh findings.

Although the number of candidates for the board is down significantly from last year, the 39 still represents a figure well above normal.

The list includes folks who live in Pennsylvania and candidates who do not. One contender hails from Canada. Several live and work in the State College region.

Dr. Paul Suhey, of Boalsburg, and Philadelphia-area lawyer Stephanie Deviney are the lone incumbents seeking re-election.

Steve Garban had previously resigned from the board and his seat is open.

A full list of candidates accompanies this editorial. You’ll read more about them in news stories and their own advertisements in the coming weeks in the CDT and at CentreDaily.com.

We know it will be interesting drama, akin to what transpired last spring, when three newcomers — Anthony Lubrano, Ryan McCombie and Adam Taliaferro — won seats.

If you are a Penn State alum, whom will you support for Penn State’s board of trustees?

Now is the time to get involved.