This week in the Civil War | Fighting in Virginia

Union soldiers crossed over the Rappahannock River on Nov. 7, 1863, at Rappahannock Station and captured hundreds of Confederate fighters in the process.

As fighting erupted, there were hundreds of casualties near a place called Kelly’s Ford before the Confederates retreated farther south.

The fighting came about the time Gen. Robert E. Lee’s fighting force was preparing to go into winter quarters near Culpeper, Va.

The AP reported Nov. 9, 1863, on the fighting: “It will be seen that a severe battle has been fought on the Rappahanoock,” said the dispatch, reporting Confederate fighters had moved in the direction of Culpelper.

“The number of Confederates taken prisoners is twelve hundred,” said the dispatch, adding, “In the attack on the redoubts on the north side of the river, the Confederates are reported to have suffered severely.”