Our View | Take stock and be thankful

As the editorial board here at the Centre Daily Times, we spend much of our time challenging, scolding, complaining and prodding.

We can be grumpy, impatient, sarcastic — even ungrateful.

But today is for being thankful, a time to reflect on all the good things happening around us that sometimes get overshadowed, forgotten or taken for granted.

On this Thanksgiving Day, we truly appreciate:

•  Our veterans and military personnel, who have defended our freedoms, including the right we have to gather today as families to enjoy a holiday together. Many paid the ultimate price. And many are in harm’s way on this holiday. Think of them.

•  Road crews and power-company workers. They’ve been busy this week keeping our roads, sidewalks and parking lots safe and getting us reconnected when the weather turned out the lights. And the winter season is just getting started.

•  Our doctors, nurses, EMTs, ambulance drivers and other medical workers, who keep us healthy and fix us up when things go wrong.

•  Police officers, firefighters and other emergency responders, who put themselves in harm’s way for the rest of us. Also the dispatchers who keep the communication and services moving, and the many caring volunteers who step forward to help when tragedy strikes.

•  Bus drivers, train operators, cabbies, pilots and everyone in terminals, stations and airports helping us get where we want to go for the holidays.

•  The region’s many dedicated community service professionals, who look out for the following: our children and seniors; those struggling to meet expenses; the hungry, homeless and disenfranchised. The holidays are challenging times for many people. We’re glad there are folks ready to help.

•  Our elected and appointed officials. Despite our seemingly constant hounding of these folks, we do appreciate their willingness to serve and their dedication to the people in their schools, communities, county, state and country. At all levels, they take on great responsibility and generally have people’s best interests at heart.

•  The many churches across our region that serve to uplift, embrace, support and comfort. Many serve the physical needs of their communities — offering shelter, food, clothing — as well as the spiritual needs. Thank you.

•  Teachers at all levels, who mold our future leaders and help our children learn about math, reading and writing, history, science, music and so much more.

•  Our reporters, photographers, designers and editors who work long hours in all conditions and often on holidays (including this one) to bring you the news.

•  Our advertising sales representatives, press operators, IT folks, paper stuffers, delivery drivers … everyone who works so hard at the Centre Daily Times every day.

•  Our advertisers, whose support allows us to keep gathering and publishing news and information, and who drive our regional and national economies by providing goods and services, tax dollars and jobs.

•  And our readers, all of you whose eyes are on these words right now, whether you’re holding a traditional newspaper or logging on through your computer, tablet or phone, those who have been picking up a paper for years and those who encountered us recently through Facebook or Twitter. We deeply appreciate your connection to us, and to each other, through our stories, videos, photographs and advertisements. And yes, through our editorials. We are inspired by your loyalty, your responsiveness and your determination to be informed.

We urge our readers today to take stock of your many blessings, to look around you and consider the many people, experiences and opportunities that enrich your life.

We think you’ll have a long list, too.

Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.