Our View | Take heed of burglary reports from police

Students and others returning to State College this weekend may be in for a surprise.

Borough police have investigated 22 reported burglaries since Thanksgiving and expect more cases to arise as folks come back from the holiday break and some of them realize they’ve been victimized.

Police said that, in each instance, forced entry occurred at a residence that was “unoccupied and secured.”

State College Police Chief Tom King told the Centre Daily Times that his officers think most or all of the crimes are connected.

“Though a spree of burglaries like this does not happen often, it has occurred before and when it does it usually happens during student breaks such as Thanksgiving, Christmas or spring break,” King told the CDT.

“There are likely more that will get reported when students return later next week,” King said. “We are following up on a couple good leads that have developed recently.”

One arrest has been made, King said, in connection with a break-in Dec. 3 at 501 S. Allen St.

Other burglaries were reported on Fairmount, Hillcrest, College, Nittany and Hamilton avenues, Pugh, Gill and Burrowes streets and Locust Lane.

“In each case, the actor(s) forced entry into the residence and took electronic items such as computers, televisions and video game systems,” police said in a release Saturday.

We urge residents to take heed of the warning from police to be on the alert for:

•  unfamiliar individuals knocking on the doors of houses or apartments, or knocking on multiple doors;

•  vehicles with people in them parked in alleys or along streets for extended periods;

•  vehicles moving slowly through neighborhoods or passing through neighborhoods or along streets repeatedly;

•  individuals loitering in residential areas without clear purpose.

We also urge readers in State College and elsewhere to keep an eye on each other.

Those who see suspicious activity should call 911. For nonurgent calls in State College, use 234-7150.

And use caution. If you see a burglary in progress, police say, do not attempt to intervene, even if it’s at your own house or apartment.

This is a serious situation.

Police are right to sound the alarm, and residents should respond.