Our View | Thumbs up, down for Friday

Thumbs up: To Penn State hockey player David Glen, who recently donated stem cells that, ultimately, could save the life of a cancer patient he’s never met. “He really is the ultimate team guy,” Nittany Lions coach Guy Gadowsky said. “He’s ... such a giving guy. It is perfect.” Perfect.

Thumbs down: To Craig A. Thompson, of Coalport, who pleaded guilty Monday to 11 felonies and 15 misdemeanors in what police described as a “drunken rampage” last spring. Police said Thompson ran over a woman, then tried to commandeer a police cruiser.

Thumbs up: To a possible break in the investigation into the 2001 disappearance of Penn State student Cindy Song. New light has been shed by a grand jury, and we’re glad to know Ferguson Township and state law enforcement are keeping this otherwise cold case open.