Their View | The path forward for Pennsylvania Republicans

If we are to believe the preponderance of the polling, Democrat businessman Tom Wolf will roll to an easy victory over Republican incumbent Tom Corbett in Pennsylvania’s gubernatorial election two months from today. But stranger things have happened and much can happen over the next 60 days.

That said, should Corbett be defeated, Republicans controlling the state legislature had better watch their political backsides. For rank-and-file Republicans have had it up to here (cue the photo of the hand leveled between the nose and the eyes) with a GOP majority that continually mocks commonsense reforms that would best serve the people in favor of the status quo that serves special interests and legislators’ self-preservation.

As John Fund, national affairs correspondent for National Review Online, sees it:

“The challenge Pennsylvania conservatives will face after Gov. Corbett’s likely loss is how to deal with an anti-reform legislature that is apt to remain under GOP control thanks to creative gerrymandering. In the past, too many conservatives have cut them slack and allowed the party to retain quiet insider control in Harrisburg. But Corbett’s loss would be a wake-up call that the status quo is dragging Pennsylvania’s economy down and alienating the Republican Party’s base.”

Republican legislators, consider yourselves warned.