Letter to the Editor | New videoboard a ‘billboard’

New videoboard a ‘billboard’

I was actually looking forward to seeing the new high-priced “videoboard” at Saturday’s game with Akron. And my reaction, as well as all those with me and around me, was: “They spent millions of dollars of our money on that?”

It’s not a scoreboard; it’s a billboard! I could care less about PNC, Hyundai and Dunkin’ Donuts during a game. What I do want to see is the score, the game details and the stats at the end of the game. What we got was one cheap strip.

I had to squint to read it from the north end zone upper deck. Again, it’s all about the advertising dollars, and the fans be damned! This happens at the same time they are begging us to buy season tickets and fill those seats. Without the fans, any kind of “board” would be unnecessary. Even the scores of other games, which had been scrolled across the strip below the upper decks, were eliminated.

It seems as if in their effort to attract money through marketing, the powers that be at Penn State continue to ignore the very people that make their sports machinery work. First, the disastrous STEP program and now this, just another slap in the face to the fans.

I wonder what else they will think of to drive fans away. Instead of spending piles of money on something this ridiculous, why don’t they install escalators to the north upper deck? Oh no, I forgot! That would require actually thinking about the needs of the fans.

Frances G. Sonne