Letters to the editor | Bring back Bibles to hotels

Why is Penn State following the dictates of groups whose goal it is to erase the name of the God from America’s vocabulary? (“ Penn State hotels cut Bibles from rooms in effort to not favor one religion,” Sept. 11, CDT)

I urge Penn State reverse this bad decision in the light of the following seminal truths in regard to the Constitution, in which you would not find:

1) Freedom of religion replaced with freedom from religion;

2) An exception to the establishment clause in regard to the godless beliefs of secular humanism as the state “religion” that must be adhered to or else;

3) People of faith and right reason told to check their beliefs at the door;

4) Evidence in the founding documents that America is not a country founded under God given that the Declaration puts a priority on obedience to the “laws of nature and of nature’s God” for the common sense promotion of the common good; calls upon the protection of God for its support; and calls upon the judgment of God as to the rectitude of its intentions,

5) A provision in the Constitution for trashing our unalienable God-given rights of the Declaration of Independence that no man can take away, rights which were secured by the blood of Americans on battlefields foreign and domestic since the Revolution.

The Ninth Amendment ensures anything not specified in accord with those unalienable rights in the Constitution is covered.

Gary L. Morella