Letter to the Editor | Consistency: Bad or worse

U.S. Rep. Glenn Thompson’s voting record as reported by “Roll Call” is either inhumane with no concern for the health or safety of constituents or unhuman, as his votes seem cast in as an automaton controlled by the national political machine — or both (“Roll Call,” Sept. 15, CDT).

My interpretation of Thomson’s voting record is that he favors mercury poisoning, air pollution, unsafe work environments, endless war, depriving service men and women of food stamps, depriving millions of health care, removing our mountain tops and clogging our streams in the process, prevention of a living wage, abusive derivatives trading, putting bond holders before military personnel, denial of overtime pay, jeopardizing pensions of teachers and first responders, shipping domestic oil overseas, keeping teaser lending rates, keeping Guantanamo open, prolonging the Veteran’s Administration benefits backlog, cutting health care for women and children, sharing private information with businesses, impediments to voting, BP polluting the gulf, ground water contamination, preying on seniors, exposing your passwords to employers and gender discrimination as in paying women less for equal work.

This is my assessment of individual votes. Need I tell you of my overall assessment of Thompson’s long and consistent voting record?

Walt Beatty

State College