Letter to the Editor | No more seafood til Bibles restored

I was shocked to read the Nittany Lion Inn and Penn Stater Hotel removed Gideon Bibles from their rooms because someone was offended, How can anyone be afraid of an unopened book discreetly placed in a closed drawer?If Penn State is afraid of that, maybe all printed material should be banned from the rooms.

What is wrong at Penn State? The administration badly bungled the Jerry Sandusky episode and now has bungled this issue. Penn State has stooped to the level of censorship.

Gideon Bibles have probably been in the Nittany Lion Inn for almost 100 years and have done much good. So what will Penn State do next? Maybe they will ban newspapers or magazines from their rooms because someone may be offended by an article.

My wife and I are very embarrassed by the actions of our alma mater. We are season ticket holders and stay in State College every football weekend and during some festivals and events.

Since the two Penn State hotels are now in the censorship business, we will no longer be enjoying the Friday night seafood buffet at the Nittany Lion Inn until the Gideon Bibles are placed back in the rooms where they belong.

Joel R. Furman