Column | Penn State proudly supports United Way

Centre County United Way agencies provide essential programs and services to improve the quality of life and well-being for individuals and families in the county.

Penn State shares a commitment to advancing Centre County by supporting United Way partner agencies that serve the critical needs of community members and their families.

For more than 40 years, Penn State has conducted annual United Way campaigns with great success. The members of our Penn State community continue to contribute generously through payroll deductions and annual giving to Centre County United Way, and we have them to thank for their unwavering support.

This year, Penn State has set a goal of $846,000, 40 percent of the $2,125,000 needed to fund the more than 100 programs offered through the 34 United Way partner agencies.

Our students also are involved in the United Way campaign. They established the first student United Way in the country and continue to support United Way partner agencies through volunteer service and related fundraising efforts.

We are honored, as representatives of Penn State, to continue the long-standing tradition of supporting Centre County through the Penn State United Way campaign. We are thankful to the Centre County United Way agencies for their good work on behalf of our neighbors, friends and fellow residents.

Most importantly, we are grateful to the members of our Penn State community for demonstrating, year after year, their ongoing generous support to our campaign. You have our heartfelt thanks!