Letter to the editor: Bypass bipartisanship, vote for Strano Taylor

Kerith Strano Taylor is an extraordinary person who was elected as a Democrat to run for Congress in the 5th Congressional District, an overwhelmingly Republican district spanning 16 counties.

That takes courage.

I will vote for Strano Taylor because she has a clear grasp of the issues faced by our very rural district in terms of the need for jobs and cash flow in our homes and farms, understanding the need to support local business and entrepreneurial flexibility, growth and creativity.

As president of her local school board, Strano Taylor is also very knowledgeable of the educational issues related to quality and financial demands faced by basic education and our universities in the district.

I urge those of other political persuasions to ask themselves if they will be able to set aside partisan politics to support a new future for the 5th District.

If you take a serious look at Strano Taylor and her dynamic, smart outlook, which has been lacking from our district in recent years, you will vote for her to represent us in Congress.

Maria A. Sweet

State College