Letter to the editor: Student government should graduate to real world

What is truly unnerving about the University Park Undergraduate Association’s desire to be “comfortably numb” — relative to truth behind the Freeh report — is that it reflects the very opposite sentiment one should possess while luxuriating in the land of opportunity afforded those lucky enough to partake in what is commonly known as “higher” education.

Perhaps UPUA is simply a group of true intellects who have already decided the ways of the world and they feel a moral obligation to lecture others about “life.”

Or maybe they are simply too busy crafting the perfect world they intend to live in after leaving Happy Valley to be bothered by the messy one (world) with (OMG) “dark periods” or the hassle of “dwelling” in unpleasant truths or outright lies.

When the members of the UPUA grow up and join the “real” world, perhaps then they will be inclined to “make a difference” — as Joe Paterno did — by doing what is sometimes hard (often no fun) versus that which is easy (and unrewarding).

Stop languishing in the juvenile splendor of callous indifference and feel the pulse of a world that awaits you.

Trust those of us who have tasted failure while pursuing the truth: It’s infinitely more rewarding than succeeding in a lie.

Eric Porterfield

State College