Letter to the editor: For clear vision, vote for Thompson

At a recent debate hosted by the Christian Coalition, candidate Glenn Thompson and his Democratic opponent Kerith Strano Taylor spoke about their priorities and intentions.

Prior to the debate, each candidate was asked to complete a preliminary questionnaire stating whether they supported or opposed various issues.

Thompson clearly labeled each area as requested.

Strano Taylor had no answers and refused to answer the questions, saying she was not able to answer the difficult topics with just one word, such as “support” or “oppose.”

Strano Taylor’s inability to decide whether she supports or opposes topics is concerning because, if she is elected to Congress, she would have to speak, on the record, using one-word answers.

Representatives have to vote “yea” or “nay” before the House.

Are we to understand from the beginning that Strano Taylor would refuse to vote each time she had to address difficult topics because she was unable to do so with a one-word answer?

In the end, Thompson communicated an impressive history of helping farmers, veterans, the field of education, conservation and poverty.

He clearly can commit.

Strano Taylor, on the other hand, appeared to disqualify herself from the position of representative since she admitted she cannot do the very thing any representative has to do — vote “yea” or “nay” on the tough issues of our country.

Carol A. Gingrich

Spring Mills