Letter to the editor: Unhappy with Congress? Vote for Strano Taylor

How happy are you with Congress and our current representative?

The current Congress has passed fewer bills than any Congress ever. Republicans seem to love their ideology more than they love our country and us.

The minimum wage hasn’t been raised since 2009. They call proposed Environmental Protection Agency rules punitive for trying to protect our air and water. They block any response to climate change despite the Pentagon now saying it poses an immediate threat.

Rather than compromising in 2013, they shut down the government.

Do you want term limits on Congress? They exist in the form of elections. We can vote them out when we don’t like our representative or how Congress is performing.

When you exercise your right to vote this election, send Rep. Glenn Thompson back to Washington if you’re satisfied with his performance.

If you’re as dissatisfied as I am, please consider Kerith Strano Taylor. She’s president of the Brookville school board and has a strong record of solving problems.

She’s an attorney who helps families work through child custody issues. She’s an experienced negotiator who excels at bringing people together. These are skills she would bring to solve our nation’s problems.

If you’ve met Strano Taylor, you know how capable and ready she is to represent us. If you haven’t had that pleasure, visit www.kstforcongress.com and learn more about her.

It’s time to give someone new a chance.

Lynne Heritage