Letter to the editor: Strano Taylor will bring needed change

We urge voters in the 5th Congressional District to join us in voting for needed change by sending Kerith Strano Taylor to Washington.

Strano Taylor, a school board president and attorney specializing in family law, has a successful record resolving custody disputes with families in crisis, and she would bring those much-needed collaboration and mediation skills to a Congress that is immobilized by the continuing negative political environment.

It is important to have men and women at the congressional table to debate issues vital to all Americans, such as economic quality of life, student-loan debt, the environment, affordable health care, children’s welfare and many other critical topics.

Currently, only one of Pennsylvania’s 18 congressional seats is held by a woman, and we in the 5th District have the opportunity to elect a knowledgeable, ethical, committed woman to represent us in Congress.

Our parents taught us that American democracy requires voters to work hard for their chosen candidates, but to come together in support of those elected as they work on behalf of the American people.

The ongoing polarizing behavior in Congress needs to be changed, and Kerith Strano Taylor offers hope and proven skills to bridge this divide.

She would bring energy, commitment and a big-picture vision to Congress, with emphasis on the concerns of all citizens.

The 5th District — and the country — needs Strano Taylor in Washington.

Linda Higginson and Susan Youtz

State College