Public Issues Forums of Centre County | What should be the goal of public schools?

The articles linked on this page offer several perspectives on one of the most important issues we have to wrestle with as residents: What is the goal of a public education?

To prepare students for the workforce?

To prepare them as residents, as Ben Franklin initially proposed? Or to help students discover and develop their individual talents?

What is the experience of our students? What do they think we should do differently? This is your invitation to join that conversation.

The primary goal of Public Issues Forums is to provide an opportunity for residents to work through complex, controversial issues such as this in a way that allows us get to the heart of what is important to each of us.

Deliberative forums offer the public an opportunity to think deeply about critical issues by examining what is valuable in different approaches and weighing the tradeoffs.

An important goal of any forum is to have those who attend come to a better understanding of why people with different viewpoints see the issue the way that they do; another is to discover our areas of common ground for moving forward.

Your voice is important. Please join us Nov. 20.

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