Letter to the editor: Board of Trustees should make amends

Board of Trusteesshould make amends

Nothing like stomping on the gas, spinning the tires of misinformation, scattering lies like gravel and mowing down the truth in a proclaimed effort to “move on,” while hoping to see your destructive actions fade into the rearview mirror.

John Surma started the ignition with personal actions that sparked a conflagration in the national media and quite possibly is the trustee most responsible for Penn State spending hundreds of millions of dollars on failed PR, legal fees and unending court battles.

I wonder if riding shotgun with Tom Corbett was worth it?

Ken Frazier insisted a grand jury presentment was not be taken too seriously, yet carefully cradled, placed and buckled in Louis Freeh’s version of events next to him, and then got in behind the wheel.

Rodney Erickson claimed the Paterno statue would drag on as “a recurring wound” when really it was Paul Suhey from the back seat demanding he jettison the weight in a crummy drag race with the NCAA for better “optics.”

Karen Peetz spoke of throwing the top down to sunshine and listening tours on the alumni highway, yet read from a prepared script behind tinted windows, hunkered down in the foot well.

In their active efforts to conceal their felonious driving habits, these adults have ditched that sedan and fled from the wreckage on foot.

It’s time they return and make amends for the damage they’ve done. Issue a public apology to the Paterno family, the lettermen and the three principals on whose reputations they’ve left deep tread marks.

Wendy Silverwood

West Chester