Time running out to register for primary

If nothing else, the raucous Republican presidential nomination fight of 2016 might help some area voters remember how to find their polling places.

If you believe The Donald will restore this nation — or ruin it — and plan to cast a ballot in next month’s GOP primary in Pennsylvania, you must be registered to vote by Monday. The same deadline applies if you intend to ally yourself with the Democrats — who, collectively, must decide if they truly “feel the Bern” this year or prefer that a Clinton carry the mantle into this November’s presidential election.

You can register online by completing a voter registration application at www.pavoterservices.state. pa.us.

Not sure if you’re registered? Get confirmation by visiting votespa.com or calling your county Board of Elections or 877-VOTESPA. (The website also includes guidance for voters in various categories, including “voter who wants to change political affiliation,” “person with recent name change,” “college student” and “first-time voter.”)

As opposed to two years ago, expect to see more bodies at polling sites. Americans always are extra motivated to exercise their civic duty during presidential election years; plus, federal and state contests brewing this spring in Pennsylvania — for a U.S. Senate seat and state attorney general post, for example — are contributing to greater interest.

You should, of course, vote in every election.

It’s your right. It’s your obligation.

And it’s your republic.

The above editorial appeared in The Times Leader, Wilkes-Barre.


Centre County Elections and Voter Registration Office

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