Scare tactics baseless

As usual, Kelli Hoover’s July 8 letter on the proposed Toll Brothers project had a lot of incorrect information.

Some 16.86 acres of the site were zoned R-4 multifamily in 1982; 26.3 acres were zoned R-4 in 2004. R-4 was already planned for the area in 1982; we just added to it. So as to identify any problems with soil structure (fissures, sinkholes, soil cracks) Toll Brothers contracted with THG Geophysics Ltd. to do an electrical imaging investigation of the detention basin during May 2015. Results showed no problems.

The scare tactics this group is using are unfounded. I have yet had any of this group identify to me what they consider the hazard to be. The Cottages would have sewer service because it is in the regional growth boundary. The only hazards I am aware of are cow plops and use of herbicides, insecticides and fertilizer on farmland.

Dick Mascolo,

State College, former chairman of the Ferguson Township Board of Supervisors