Letters to the Editor

One of the really good guys

I am writing this to all who never knew Joe Paterno, especially the newest Nittany Lions. Before you feel the need to protest, let me say a few things.

He valued family over anything. He valued honor in all things. He never finished recruiting a player without his parents present and an educational plan in place. In a losing season, he benched two of his best players for cutting class.

No one who knew JoePa ever saw him turn his back on any child. The abuses of the children were a direct result of Jerry Sandusky's charity, and the only connection to Penn State was that they opened their facilities to underprivileged children for a former coach.

The allegations against Joe Paterno have been and remain unfounded and unproven.

Joe Paterno was one of the really good guys. Still is!

Bobbie McGowan, Odenton, Md.