Letters to the Editor

Embrace capitalism

The recent vote by the Brits to exit the European Union was in the 56-44 percent range, as is the number of British voters who prefer capitalism over their form of socialism. Capitalism won this time.

Here in the USA we have several political parties, the major parties being the Republicans and the Democrats. The Republicans prefer equity over debt and more efficient private sector business, and the Democrats lean toward bigger, less-efficient government. The Democrats are slowly embracing quasi-socialism.

If Hillary Clinton is elected president, the number of citizens on welfare and the number of citizens on food stamps will continually increase.

Karl Marx wrote that societal evolution should go from feudalism to capitalism to socialism and finally to communism. The USA is between capitalism and socialism. The situation is like a 60-40 polyester shirt.

The USA should embrace capitalism and not continue to evolve to this quasi-socialism system.

Capitalism forever!

Jim Decker, Boalsburg