Letters to the Editor

Pitts is bigot, racist

I’ve emailed the CDT’s editor twice about the comments of Leonard Pitts, who has just proven (“Where will Trump believers go?” CDT, 10/10) that he is an irredeemable bigot, an outright racist pretending to be enlightened.

His column in effect calls all who hold views opposed to his own as angry losers. That’s about half the country, and it confirms that he and Hillary Clinton (with her basket of deplorables) despise everyone and anyone who does not agree with them — “ ... the people who believed this garbage” he states. The garbage he refers to is Trump’s ideas.

Pitts’ column is a pack of twisted lies, outrageous claims he calls conspiracy theories and arrogant ignorance. In other words, standard Pitts BS.

Roughly half of your readers have been offended by this jerk. Think about it.

Bruce Lorich, State College