Letters to the Editor

An important lesson

The great Greek philosopher Socrates famously said, “All I know is that I know nothing.”

With this awareness of his own ignorance, he was able to seek the truth in everything. For without acknowledging our lack of knowledge, we can never gain it. We must start at the beginning of beliefs and opinions before we can make progress in them. It seems that today, humans have forgotten this important lesson.

In today’s world, we have social media that allows people to shoot off opinions with the least amount of critical thought possible. Rather than taking the time to analyze our own opinions, we focus on attacking others’. We see this type of blind acceptance of our beliefs in politics constantly. Everyone has an opinion on something like global warming, but how many actually have real knowledge that informs those opinions?

Too often we accept our own opinions as truth without any testing of them. This puts society into a sorry state of affairs. The issue is incredibly prevalent in a society such as this, where we elect our government officials. If everyone were to vigorously test their own beliefs and opinions, it would be hard to imagine having the same presidential candidates as we do now. As an informed electorate, we could vote into office people with real skills and real solutions, rather than simply the lesser of two evils. It is for this reason that we humans must again acknowledge our own ignorance.

Michael Prasalowicz, State College