Letters to the Editor

Room for all of us

That Donald Trump has been nominated to represent the Republican Party is beyond anything reasonable.

The idea that Hillary Clinton and Trump offer the American people two different, yet equal choices and are simply from two different political parties is insulting and dangerous.

After a second White House loss in 2012, the chairman of the RNC, Reince Priebus, told the Republican Party that they had to take an “honest and raw” autopsy of his party. He stressed the importance that his party’s message must be one of inclusion, reaching out to minorities, young people and women. That was very good advice.

From sea to shining sea, there is room for all of us. Americans cover a variety of colors, our families are wonderfully unique and are rooted in love, some of our heads are covered in worship while others will seek another path, never will we settle for men making health care decisions for us, it’s utterly ridiculous to think that we will settle for unequal pay and even more ridiculous to think we will vote for anyone who will not help support us through legislation, and women will forever have our voices heard in the voting booths.

I don’t believe that Trump’s interpretation of Priebus’ recommendations and vision for the future of the Republican Party will ever fit the America that is here to stay.

Kate Mount, State College