Letters to the Editor

The traditional American candidate

The national media is engaged in a propaganda campaign to elect Hillary Clinton, a media largely consolidated and controlled by wealthy socialist Democrats. It’s why the media treated Donald Trump so favorably during the primaries, but only now releases old scandals.

It has been derelict in its duty to truth for at least a half century. This dereliction is a main cause in the deteriorating leadership of many federal agencies, including the Justice Department. An example of this is the Justice Department’s, and FBI’s, granting of immunity to two of Clinton’s close attorney associates, for nothing in return, and then astonishingly aiding them in the destruction of evidence on their laptops. These emails likely would have proven she feloniously handled classified documents on private unsecured servers, but were destroyed before we, through Congress, could review them.

This disturbing “cover up” was facilitated by leaders within federal law enforcement? Obstructing justice? The media, largely looks away. If only Richard Nixon were surrounded by such incompetence and dishonesty in media, and in government, a far better man destroyed for far less.

Welcome to the derelict ignorance that grows socialism. We are Americans. We are supposed to pursue the perfection of higher laws — it’s what separates us. We have only one traditional American candidate left, Donald Trump. Having previously supported Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, this voter — no matter what else the socialist establishment throws at Trump — will be voting “bigly” for him in November. He’s the last American candidate standing.

Malcom Farrow, Paxinos