Letters to the Editor

Ready for a change

I had the opportunity to attend the Donald Trump rally Oct. 21 in Johnstown.

A friend and I arrived just after 3 p.m. and the War Memorial Arena was packed. The crowd was later estimated at about 6,000.

Being on crutches, seating looked to be a challenge. I found a spot reserved for the “press,” which was empty so I took a seat. A man soon approached. He said he was a reporter for the Los Angeles Times and asked if I would answer some questions. I said sure.

He asked my name, age, where I was from and occupation. Then he asked why I came so far to a Trump rally. I responded that a great many American voters like myself were fed up with professional, pandering, do-nothing career politicians whose sole purpose was to get elected then re-elected.

Elected office is a service, not a career, I told him. These individuals have done a great deal of harm, which will take generations to repair.

As Mr. Trump said, it is time to drain the swamp.

Peter C. Liese, Warriors Mark