Letters to the Editor

Bullying not acceptable

As a special education teacher, I have worked with students with special needs for 16 years.

I’ve dedicated my life to helping students who need the most attention, support and love. It’s a wonderful feeling to not only reach my students, but to model and teach empathy, understanding and respect for them to their classmates.

I have worked with some amazing students, who have both physical and intellectual disabilities. Their disabilities are only one small aspect of the wonderful and talented person they are. My students have become amazing writers, mathematicians and artists. They are accomplishing great things every day.

That’s why it was so hurtful to see Donald Trump mock a reporter with disabilities, simply because the man was doing his job.

It was disgusting and vile behavior that I would not permit in my classroom with my middle school students. This behavior is not acceptable in a middle-schooler much less some someone running for elected office.

Unfortunately, doing so is just another day at the office for Trump, a man who could be our next president.

This month is National Bullying Prevention Month, and all Americans should be sending a message to Trump: Bullying is not acceptable in schools. It shouldn’t be acceptable from our political candidates.

Kizzy Nicholas, State College

The writer is a teacher at Mount Nittany Middle School.