Letters to the Editor

Keep local elections local

This November I’m voting to keep local elections local.

Until she decided to run to represent us, I’d never heard of Stephanie Borowicz. I’ve been involved with many community organizations and activities and I’ve never encountered her. That’s probably because she’s been in Florida until recently, running a charity nonprofit. Now her campaign is being supported by outside special interest groups.

Mike Hanna, on the other hand, has lived in Clinton County his entire life, including graduating from Lock Haven High School and Lock Haven University. He has spent his life getting involved in the local Lions Club, the Fraternal Order of Eagles, Jaycees, Immaculate Conception Catholic Church and more.

As our representative, Hanna keeps his focus on us, working to help bring jobs and protecting our tax dollars. On Nov. 8, vote to keep our elections local. Vote for Hanna.

Ronald Bowes, Lock Haven