Letters to the Editor

Willing to take that chance?

“Obviously you have what it takes. Therefore, you are entitled to receive everything that America has to offer. Welcome to America.”

With those words from Judge Brown, I became an American citizen in 1982.

I have considered America as my country since then. India is my motherland but America is my land. India gave me life, but I made my life in America.

I contribute to American charities, rejoice when America succeeds and mourn on occasions like 9/11. Although my skin color is brown, my heart is colored red, white and blue. My children were born and brought up in America with the same patriotic feelings. And yet, in Donald Trump’s America, I do not belong. I represent millions of Americans who look and feel like I do.

So, here is my appeal to you. If you are thinking about voting for Trump, think again. Your beloved neighbor, the friend who stood by you in good times and bad, or the physician who might have saved your life, can potentially become a second-class citizen in Trump’s “Great America.” Their houses can be vandalized, their children can be marginalized or even worse.

Whatever is your reason, ranging from tax policy to Supreme Court nominations, consider this: Although Trump’s destructive followers represent only a small minority, history tells us that it only takes a charismatic leader, a destructive message and a small minority or followers to demolish the entire fabric of society. Are you willing to take that chance?

Ashok Gandhi, State College