Letters to the Editor

Think about the future

Imagine you just opened a letter your great-grandparents wrote addressed “To the future.” In this letter they discussed the great issues of their day and their actions for and against.

Imagine your great-grandparents filled the letter with racist talk, how they fought against equal rights for minorities and women. How they never protested as 50,000 American soldiers died in an unnecessary war.

Now imagine that instead they wrote that they fought for equal rights for all our citizens, minorities and women included. How they marched against continuing an ill-conceived war, and how involved they were in the political process by actively supporting the candidates of their choice.

Now, what would you write to the future? That you stood idly by on our issues, or that you tried to make things better?

That you denied climate change when all the governments in the world and all the national science organizations told us it is real? Or that you accepted climate science and fought to safeguard a livable planet for those reading your letter.

Would you say how you fought against letting people live a different lifestyle? Or that you worked so people live and love as they chose.

Would you say that you stood up to a con man and bully running for president? Or that you supported his level of ignorance and his shallow world-view no matter the consequences?

Try writing that letter to the future. Your great-grandchildren will want to know which side you were on in 2016.

Bonnie Smith Marshall, Boalsburg