Letters to the Editor

Look at the facts

It’s election season and campaigns seem to be getting crazier than ever. That’s why I like to take a step back and look at the facts.

Take the race for state House, for example. In my view, here’s how the candidates stack up:

▪  On sharing my values

Fact: Mike Hanna is from here, hunts here, and raised his family here. Stephanie Borowicz just moved here from Florida.

▪  Ability to get the job done

Fact: Borowicz was in charge of a Florida nonprofit that did not file taxes three years in a row and shut down. Hanna helps make sure our schools, universities and senior programs are funded while voting for balanced budgets.

▪  Best qualified to protect our Second Amendment rights

Fact: Hanna is the only candidate in this race endorsed by the National Rifle Association.

When it comes to sharing my values, ability to get the job done and protecting our gun rights, the facts show Hanna is the best choice for state representative.

Patrick Crowley, Howard