Letters to the Editor

Reward Benninghoff for his efforts

I would like to publicly thank Rep. Kerry Benninghoff for the role he played in keeping former Rockview state prison land open to public access.

He showed remarkable personal and political courage in standing up to the local establishment powerhouse. His support for public ownership of this land, as opposed to Penn State ownership, was crucial to the efforts made by local outdoor enthusiasts and conservationists to maintain public access.

It is possible that this parcel of land, if controlled by Penn State, could have been opened to development and/or maintained with severe limitations on public access and use. Instead, thousands of people have the opportunity to enjoy this land as a multi-use recreational asset.

Many people worked hard to achieve this positive outcome, but Benninghoff was perhaps the most important contributor to that outcome.

I urge voters in the 171st Legislative District to reward Benninghoff’s efforts on our behalf with our votes.

Daniel L. Shields, Lemont