Letters to the Editor

Too trustworthy

I understand from the polls that a majority of voters do not think Hillary Clinton is trustworthy. I disagree and believe the polls to be wrong.

If she is elected, I trust her to increase the national debt by several trillion dollars, probably in her first year. I trust her to keep the economy limping along if not declining. I trust her to remove any semblance of border control so that we can experience terrorist attacks every week if not more often, allow jobs to be taken and benefits to be received by illegal immigrants.

I trust Clinton to allow the poverty, unemployment and hopelessness in the black communities to continue so that the rate of blacks murdering blacks can increase. I trust Clinton to continue the wars in the Middle East for her entire term, continuing to cost billions of dollars and more American lives. I trust Clinton to make the same errors in judgment she has made as secretary of state, resulting in more unnecessary deaths.

I also trust her to continue to do favors for her Wall Street cronies and those in the Middle East who contribute mightily to her foundation. I trust her to make decisions based upon how much money, power or both she will gain. I trust Clinton to lie to the American people about any event making her look bad.

Finally, I trust Clinton to continue to tiptoe through the raindrops (sometimes a deluge) of accountability and not get wet. She is so trustworthy, you must vote for Donald Trump!

Richard M. Malinoski, Bellefonte