Letters to the Editor

Irresponsible language

The win over Ohio State was a monumental leap forward in the healing of Penn State and our community.

The White Out crowd, the offense, the defense, the coaching staff and the win should be celebrated as most of us did who watched the game (at home or in the stadium). The fact that 5,000 to 10,000 student-aged fans celebrated throughout the town is a sign that we do care. We do want to move forward. And we should celebrate.

The media said that the students rioted. Sure, there were some knuckleheads and over-exuberant fans who got out of control and did some damage. I do not condone this behavior and no one should. But to say there was a riot is irresponsible of our media.

The culprits who did the damage are slowly being pointed out and they will pay for their destruction through our criminal system. That is the way it is supposed to happen. But calling the student celebration anything other than that misrepresents our students and fan base.

I also commend the swift response of our State College police, Alpha Fire personnel and the many individuals who helped respond to control, defuse and to disperse this impromptu celebration. The vandalism that occurred is unfortunate and will be repaired, the cost will be repaid by the fines and the memories of the blocked field goal will forever be remembered as “the block.”

Together, we are …

Skip Webster, State College