Letters to the Editor

American is great, make it greater

As we near the elections, ponder the Donald Trump campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again.” What, besides winning, does greatness mean to Trump?

Trump pits men against women. He incites fear and hatred of “the other” through misinformation about immigrants. Their work and intelligence have made our country great.

Trump projects false sympathy for former middle-class families while intending to bash labor rights. Labor unions created our blue-collar middle class. Trump’s policies are anti-worker. He is against unions, fair labor standards and federal minimum wages.

Trump’s tax reforms would raise the national debt $5.3 trillion in 10 years. These provide small cuts to lower/middle-income workers, while gifting the rich, lowering rates on corporate and investment income, and eliminating the estate tax. Such “reforms” would bankrupt our country.

America is already great. Economic justice and more opportunity would make us greater. Tax cuts and programs should favor the bottom two-thirds, not the rich. Workers with money stimulate our economy. Better-funded schools and educational opportunities help students graduate with job skills. Infrastructure improvements create jobs and could lower carbon emissions before southern flooding, western drought, and fires overwhelm our national disaster funding.

Additionally, we need a fully functional cooperative Congress and Supreme Court. Our Republican congressional majority sits on its hands, vetoing anything that could help the people of our country. We need Democrats Katie McGinty in the Senate, Kerith Strano Taylor in Congress, and Melody Fleck in the state House of Representatives to break gridlock and help America become greater.

Dorothy Blair, Boalsburg