Letters to the Editor

Support McGinty for Senate

The first time I met Katie McGinty, I noticed that she was smart and focused on helping people. Last summer I arranged a roundtable discussion for McGinty at a retirement home, and was struck by her attentiveness. McGinty treated every conversation as an opportunity to learn about issues of concern and how government can better serve its citizens.

As Pennsylvania’s U.S. senator, Katie McGinty will work to make our lives better. She is committed to expanding pre-K education and making college more affordable. She wants to ensure Medicare and Social Security remain strong for today’s seniors and tomorrow’s retirees. She supports closing the wage gap; equal pay and an increased minimum wage go a long way to restore the middle class.

Pennsylvania is a key race in taking back the Senate. McGinty and Democratic Sen. Bob Casey will be a great team and increase the influence Pennsylvania has in the Senate — which helps every one of us.

I support McGinty for the U.S. Senate and hope you will, too. I am also voting for two other outstanding women on the ballot Tuesday: Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and Kerith Strano Taylor, our candidate for U.S. representative in the 5th Congressional District of Pennsylvania.

Mayor Elizabeth Goreham, State College