Letters to the Editor

Rep. Thompson in position to act

Since jobs are a priority in the national election, Congressman Glenn Thompson should co-sponsor and support the Reclaim Act, a measure that allocates funding from the Abandoned Mine Trust Fund. As a member of the Agriculture, Natural Resources, Education and Work Force Committees, Thompson is in position to act.

The coal industry shut down operations due to rising costs resulting in the loss of jobs. Supporting the Reclaim Act will address the desperation, joblessness and desperation of transitory families that have resulted. The Reclaim Act authorizes funding to help miners and their families access new skills and benefits they’ve earned. Miners addressing the environmental contamination burdening our region equals security for working families in a district hardest hit by the downturn of jobs in coal.

Families find security while the environment benefits. Reclaiming mines will empower local communities long term.

Thompson’s constituents have been hardest hit suffering more abandoned mines than the rest. Due to his membership on the work force and natural resources committees, Thompson is in the unique position to address this crisis, yet he hasn’t acted. Why isn’t he serving his constituents, people he represents? He promised more jobs? The money is available, earmarked and originates from a long-standing trust fund, yet he hasn’t taken action.

Urge Congressman Thompson to propose, co-sponsor and support the Reclaim Act. We have nothing to lose. He does. Write or call Thompson’s office. An election is coming. Urge him to support the Reclaim Act.

William J. Granche, Ridgway